Information sought on hit and run of pedestrian at Apache Trail and 79th Place

A pedestrian was walking eastbound in the roadway on Main Street (Apache Trail) in the curb lane when he was struck by a vehicle just east of 79th Place at about 1:33 a.m. Oct. 2, which was also traveling the same direction, according to a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office press release. The pedestrian was thrown […]

Suspect Pacheco sought to frame ex-lover who lives in Mesa, MCSO says

The investigation began at around 2:15 p.m. Friday, when a sheriff’s civilian employee on the fifth floor — where the sheriff, his chiefs and other high-ranking officials and assistants are located — opened a letter addressed to the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters, with a return address from a named individual in Scottsdale. A preliminary sample test by Phoenix Fire Department revealed that the powder contained cornstarch and the substance was taken to the state laboratory for further testing to ensure that nothing else was uncovered, according to the release.

Sheriff’s detectives determined that the Scottsdale address on the envelope was fake and tracked down the named individual in Mesa. Upon arriving at his door, the man’s nephew informed them that his uncle was at work at Casino Arizona. The man was located at the casino and told the detectives that he had been having issues with a former girlfriend. He showed the detectives his phone, which contained more than 6,000 texts from Alma Pacheco. Some of the texts stated that if the man didn’t hear from Ms. Pineda, she would send cornstarch to the police in an attempt to get him in trouble.